Electronic prescribing, often referred to as ePrescribing, allows healthcare professionals to submit prescriptions to pharmacies electronically through an electronic medical record (EMR) system.


ePrescribing increases the speed, ease, safety and accuracy of submitting a prescription, reducing the number of faxes and paper waste.


ePrescriptions can be submitted to Fox Hills Pharmacy at the electronic directory listing below, where they will be routed to the appropriate Specialty team for dispensing. Please ensure your ePrescribing directory is set up with this Fox Hills Pharmacy listing (our corporate listing) for ALL ePrescriptions submitted to:


Grand Avenue Pharmacies
4455 W 117th Street

Suite 101

Hawthorne, CA 90250

NCPDP ID: 0570982


For difficulties or questions about the ePrescribing or eRenewal process, please email us at ePrescribing@foxhillspharmacy.com.


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